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Originally Posted by Shugart
To sorta bounce off of Agit, I think a lot of us "independant players" feel we will be overshadowed by the big teams.

Yes we may have one of two indpendandt members in the association, but they may not truly represent all of us.
But we all go the same games. The same FR games, the same Wasaga games - there's a different perspective from the players, independant or otherwise - and those who actually host those games and events.

All that's really being said is that if you like those sorts of games above, and like to enjoy those same sort of standards at future games on potential fields, an elected association will ensure that these baseline requirements are met everytime - so you don't have to worry about wondering WTF and just enjoy the day.

Leverage your resources. We've been doing this sport in the GTA since 97' - shouldn't it be a little easier by now? Unfortunately only those who've hosted events in the past would really have perspective on this. It's hard to convey this to a player.
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