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Originally Posted by Agit-Prop
Originally Posted by NewBie
If you don't want an association no one is forcing you to signup.
This is where the real potential for this to fail comes from. Remember that the acceptance of any organization is based on the perceptions of the potential constituants. If people generally perceive (rightly or wrongly) a team affiliation, or an eliteism, or a focus that they have little to no interest in, then they will not sign up.

So, what does this result in?

If people who have these feelings won't sign up. The membership could be stacked through the attrition of those who have those concerns.

But not everyone has that concern. Only a certain amount of people view WP in a certain way for whatever reason. And this was never a WP discussion to begin with. I and many other WP members found out about it through ASC. It is between those who are organizing games.

The association doesn't have to be milsim based. I don't think anyone suggested that. All they are trying to do is use the association to find new fields, raise money for props, and organize the way we play. I'm pretty sure if you signup and run for the election you could be on that board of directors. You can decide what happens and what doesn't happen and you won't have to worry about a team or 2 running the show.

Wouldn't you like to play on a field similar to FR,but without paint? And better than that you can use it whenever you want, nd you won't have to wait for paintballers? Whats wrong with that? Scarecrpw said let someone else handle the marketing etc... so where did you get the perception that wolfpack wants to take over this association?
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