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I feel that what Jay and other "veterans of airsoft" are trying to do with an "association" simply makes sense from many perspectives and will help progress the game of airsoft in Ontario and how games are managed.

I have no association with WolfPack (in fact you could say I am on the wrong end of the muzzle with them), but politics aside, Jay has been one of the most active members of the community since I've started playing. If public perception of this endeavour is that it is a WolfPack initiative and another means to dominate airsoft in Ontario then I think someone else should step up to the plate and show us a creative initiative to take airsoft to a new heightened level. Jay has gone out of his way to ensure that the OASA and any fields associated with it are team independent.

The process seems pretty simple to me. Nominate someone you feel would be an asset to the OASA board. If they are qualified, I'm sure they would find themselves an elected member of the OASA team, and thus dispell the conspiracy theory that this is some kind WolfPack "master plan".

OASA is a good idea. In fact, Jay, I may need to utilize your "template" for a potential sand pit north of Bowmanville. Wow... does that ever make life much easier! I don't need to start from scratch, I can tap into the OASA resources!! Brilliant!

PM me when you have time Jay, regarding the template.
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