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I've run a G36 since I started playing. Best mag pouches I've found so far are Tactical Tailor double-M16 pouches. You can fit a G36 mag in them, diagonally (corner to corner), and remove it without anything catching. If you store the mags in the pouches they kindof take that shape and it's great. They're also tight enough to hold the mag in without any worry of it falling out. Since I redid my vest with those pouches my mag change time has tripled, and I can finally do it one handed every time.

Originally Posted by BennyBoy View Post
G36c aeg? Those mags should be cheap enough that it wouldn't be too bad just removing those tabs...unless you like them stacked
G36 mags aren't that cheap lol.

Well, midcaps are cheaper but they're really hit or miss as far as fitment and quality is concerned. And hicraps are cheap, but they suck ass.

Though Huang's $17 standard G36 mags are pretty decent for the $.

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