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I'm not sure I should post this because it can very easily be interpreted as inflamatory. That being said, I do know that I am not the only one who has these feelings. So, I will go ahead with the risk of this turning the discussion for the worse. If you are offended by what I am about to say, I would like you to wait before you respond, and recognize that I am trying to position this as carefully and clearly as I can. The following are my opinions, and as such cannot be defined or described as objective.

I understand and accept the benefits that an association would have when it comes to securing new venues. I think that part of my discomfort (right or wrong) comes from the predominance of people who seem to be solely milsim oriented in the current make-up of the association. While there are a good number of people who enjoy hardcore milsim in the community, a majority of those people primarily engage in casual game days with multiple mini-scenarios. My fear is that any decisions in this association will be biased heavily towards milsim and large scale gaming, when the reality is that this represents a minority of airsoft play in Ontario.

In addition, the perception is there that the OASA is merely an extension of Wolfpack. It is your baby, Jay, and the only other names I have seen tied to OASA in any official capacity are also Wolfpack members. There is an unfortunate history of antagonism between elements of the Ontario community and Wolfpack. This is (in my opinion) based on a perception of eliteism. It is my feeling that the resistance you have been experiencing with talks of an association is very closely related to the Wolfpack factor.

So, there it is. Unfortunately I don't have a workable solution I can offer.

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