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Unfortunately due to extreme flood conditions this game has been postponed until next year.

The RM of Woodlands in MB where the game was to be hosted is underwater, the worst flooded area in the province. If it were not for the floodway, more than 40% of Winnipeg would be under water, and experts are saying that the water levels rival the flood of the century back in 1997.

Official post:
(taken from: http://keystonestrike2.hyperboards3....77300&start=24)

'the game is officially POSTPONED. (not cancelled)

I think at this point it would be best, due to people and their school schedules, to postpone this till next year. I was thinking of the fall but the above concern will likely be pitfall for many of our guys currently signed up.

for those of you who want a refund PM me and I will get it back to you in a timely fashion. Please include details on how you wish it to be sent back. For those of you who want to wait your money will sit in the savings account and record of your payment will remain here as will this board. The progress of the game will certainly continue here and we will make this event bigger and badder for the wait.

I want to thank Valk for his help in finding an alternative location. The owner of that property wanted a DISGUSTING amount of money and we had to say "no thanks". We tried ... but it will be best to do it on my own property.

so dont be too sad. the game is still on! just a little more wait ....


Thank you.
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