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Originally Posted by midgetspy
Why sell them an official association? Just ask that a group of friends use the land at $xx each every few weekends to airsoft, explain airsoft, and that's that.
That works when I approach someone with a piece of land through an introduction from someone with a personal relationship where there is already trust.

I don't sell them on the association, the association is an entity that represents the players to the owner. It presents a large group of organized individuals with a purpose as opposed to just me and a bunch of guys wanting to use your land for a weekend. It lends credibility and it assures property owners that they are being dealt with in a professional business like manner. This results in obtaining venues that we might not otherwise be able to obtain.

More importantly it secures the relationship of the field owner to the community, rather than through one key individual who when they leave results in the relationship ending and the field becoming unavailable. Again, succession... we can pass on good long term venues to future airsofters.
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