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1. Can I bring only a sidearm to a milsim/CQB match and still play?
usually. id say yes. but buy a rifle. just do it.

2. For milsim, I have a tactical pistol vest/ammo pouches, mask, full outfit, boots and gloves. Do I need anything else gear wise?
can never go wrong with knee pands

3. Do electric airsoft rifles have blowback on their slides?
some do. the G&G have pnuematic blowback which doesnt damage the gun. all other electric rifles with blowback degrade the gun alot more.
4. What gun would you recommend for a primary rifle for a complete newb?
well if you have decided that airsoft is your sport then I would go with a 300$ budget. ARES G36c looks good to me. however if you want blow back go on and look at the G&G series. they're having a sale and giving really good deals. I'd go with the M4 becasue they have rails already installed and M4 mags are dirt cheap. M4s are really user friendly.
5. On the events section there are paintball fields listed, can you play airsoft there or only paintball?
2/3 paintball fields in my region allow airsoft. send an email or go on the FAQ and see.

6. As far as gear, do I need to buy coms?
They're helpful but I dont often see them. if you want to.
7. Would it be illegal for me to target practice in my back yard with my handgun?
I would warn your neighbors first. if you haev a chain fence then no.
8. When it comes to Milsim, do teams just form when they get to the field or do you need a team before you go?
they usually pick by camo or just randomly select.
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