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Originally Posted by Danielbnmn View Post
Fps means how fast the bullets leave the gun right?
so if I have a lower fps the bullet will travel bit more slower so there's gonna be a delay in time when it will hit the target.
If you do the math calculations v=d/t the difference in time it takes for a .20 travelling at 330 FPS versus a .25 at 295 FPS is less than a tenth of a second. I've done the calculations before and honestly it just isn't worth it. Hell I run .28's indoor at like 260 (note this is significantly less than the standard 1J limit for indors) and I'm just as effective as anyone else.

FPS isn't everything, hell there are people who dominate outdoor fields with nothing more than a stock TM (and maybe with an upgraded spring to get it to 350-360) and .25 or .28's.
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