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Scarecrow, no offense meant at all.

I feel much better about the association concept now that you've laid to rest some of my fears. However, I continue to have reservations.

Will this association come to dominate all Ontario (and/or Quebec) fields of play? As is the case out West, will we not be allowed to play without going through this association first, or have membership, get green light, whatever the procedure might be.

Second, will there be embedded provisions in the association's charter/operating mandate that will ensure accountability and transparency? I think this is my biggest fear, but that might just be my Canadian political science getting the best of me.

Again, I am not against the idea of an association. I am not, at the same time, simply going to toss all my chips in without first examining the stakes. I support your push for an association-type organization that would better facilitate game play and enrich the airsoft community. You have my respect and apologies for any unintended offense.
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