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One of the problems I am having in securing new places to play is the 'unofficial' nature of airsoft. Its much easier to sell a field owner on renting his field when I have an association infrastructure behind it. It also facilitates a lot of other potential benefits such as insurance and standards of hosting and divison and sharing of labour. But one thing at a time.

Yes, association representatives have power and status, but it is only derived from the membership. An association also allows for succession of function and power from one set of representatives to another WITHOUT the association going tits up - for instance, part of the problem is if I (Scarecrow) go dark on you guys, Plantation goes dark. If Zeon goes dark, I am sure it would create quite a bit of chaos at DragonOPs, possibly it would go dark too. Currently venues and hosting are in the hands of a small group of people who ALREADY for better or for worse have all the characteristics of the 'leet' status you described, EXECPT they answer to nobody and make up their own rules. An association would share this responsibility amongst more people who are directly accountable to those who they represent.

This isn't an attempt on my part of create a hegenomy, this is an attempt to distribute what I have and know and allow for succession - I DON'T WANT to be the sole contact person for a venue or for hosting certain kinds of events. I'd be more than happy to pass that off to people in the community who are motivated and wish to pick up the ball and move forward, passing on my contacts, resources, policies, techniques, etc, so they don't die out with my passing onto other things.

I think people have got to stop about worrying so much about empire building - its already here and you're in it - what people have to think about is mechanisms for distributing the workload more fairly amongst the community. If people keep thinking along these lines, our opportunities to play at good venues will remain small and good practices will evaporate on as hosts and field owners come and go - we won't accrue any long term benefits for airsoft, regardless of it being 'underground' or not. This isn't about legitimizing airsoft, this is about making our sport work better for us.

Look I am not here to bang my head against a wall, I've done it for 3 years. I can say I've gotten to the point where a lot of other hosts in the community have where they just want to play and pass on the torch. If you all really feel this strongly about it I can just shut the hell up, pack up my things and stick to bb sales and the odd game, but, I think I would be doing you all a disservice if I did that.

Originally Posted by midgetspy
I don't know about the rest of the "out West" clubs, but here we do have elections every year and an executive (prez, vps, treasurer, and game planners).

You see, the west has tackled this. I bet they have acrued a lot of benefits from operating this way.
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