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Originally Posted by Costane View Post
Cool cool. So one more question. Would you say it is okay to carry your rifle in a duffle bag? I have a few guncases, but they are very heavy and clunky. I was thinking of maybe just using one of my duffles to carry the rifle alone. As far as the rail system, to combat the battery problem I would most likely get a stock that could hold a battery and just move it.
1. If you've got a gun-case, use it. Once you are geared up, you'll find yourself hard-pressed to jam all the damn gear into just one Duffel-bag. It also helps in treating the airsoft rifle, as if it were the real deal.. which you should be doing, no matter how minimally lethal that it potentially is - a respect for the tools of the trade, sort of thing. I squeeze 3 rifles into a gun-case meant for 1.. and bring about three bags of assorted gear/crap with me to a game.

2. Remember with a battery box on the front end, along with the increased weight of the RIS over the plastic fore-stock shell, it'll get significantly front heavy. In the interests of balance, you might want to get it set up for a battery in the stock. Something you could check out for yourself at a game, with other people's rifles if they allow you to do a comparison.

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