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Originally Posted by Costane View Post
Cool cool ^_^ I'm not so worried about the financial hit as I collect disengaged guns, so I could just add it to a collection. I think I'll head into a local store and check out some M4s. Would you recommend an M4 in general or the King Arms one specifically? If you're ignoring price that is.
Originally Posted by Costane View Post
Yeah, I guess it would be a bad idea to go completely all out before I even use the rifle. Sometimes you just get caught up looking at shiny things you know? :P
Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
keeping in mind that the handguard is where the battery is kept, replacing this with certain RIS units basically takes the space away for the battery, so you'd need a peqbox accessory or rewire the gun to the rear and use a stock that can hold a battery.

There's not a whole lot of accessories to put on imo... a grip of some kind if that's your fancy, but almost everyone I see with a grip uses the magwell as a grip more than the foregrip or angled foregrip. maybe a flashlight if you are playing in the dark.. you wouldn't really leave it on when you're not using it.. just something else to get shot out. And like I said, if you go with a compact rail system, you will need to rewire or use a PEQ box to store your battery, that attaches to the rails as well.

the KA has a removable carry handle so there's a flat top rail underneath it to attach an optic of your choice. Most optics will fit in that amount of space.
The best advice i could give, you've partially covered already. Get thee to a gun-dealer, see what they've got on offer that tickles your fancy, and balance your budget accordingly.

I would strongly suggest that whichever gun you choose, you do the appropriate research first, to discover the common faults, weaknesses and parts availability. Due diligence is definitely something that will pay off.

Also, before you start buying up trinkets and bobbles to Gucci up that blaster - attend a few games first. See what people are using, ask what works, and what doesn't. Most people on the field are not afraid of giving you a good show and tell time, if you ask them nicely about it. This goes for all aspects of airsoft - guns, gear, and trinkets for everything else. You'll save yourself money in the end, when the wide world of online retail airsoft opens up with Age Verification, and you see 'new shineys' everywhere to buy. Your spare (useless) parts collection will be smaller in the end for it.

LurkingKnight is correct. RIS begats rear rewiring. Rewiring begats a new stock for a new battery. That is how i basically got my start with my M4.. a few purchases later, i settled on an angled foregrip and a red-dot tube sight (aimpoint) to round it out. I've got more than a few useless parts after picking the wrong parts (optics, mostly) along the way, also.
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