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I don't know much on the topic of the rifles, but as for pistols, WE is like....the best way I can think of is like comparing...I don't even know.

But what I can tell you, from experience, is that WE Pistols have a variety of problems that don't even have to do with the fact that the ones at TA have PLASTIC midframes. I've personally gone through 3 midframes in just 2 months so I highly, HIGHLY recommend staying away from them. In fact, I just gave up trying to fix it and got a new pistol instead.

For a bit more, you can get a full metal KWA from ___ (pm incoming). Which should last a lot longer. For me, my KWA M93R (Full Metal) has already lasted longer than my plastic midframed WE. And I only recieved my KWA last week.
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"Don't get mad. Get even."

"Airsoft silencers don't do anything...."
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The Marui NBB Mk23 would like to have a quiet, quiet word with you.
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