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Originally Posted by Costane View Post
Huh, I'm really looking at this M4, I really really don't like the front rail system, seems like it would be hard to mount any grips or tac lights on it. It also seems rather small, but that could just be from the pictures.

If the below is the one that you are referring to, no, it doesn't have a rail-system. It's an OEM style M4A1 - as it comes from the factory (as real-steel). It's up to you to pick and install a front RIS and customize/gucci'fy the rifle to your taste. You can buy M4's pre-customized/different models that already have these - but the price goes up accordingly. That King Arms M4A1 is the one that is generally considered the best bang for the buck at present, for noobs to consider when starting out. Not so expensive, that you'll be taking a huge financial hit, if airsoft isn't for you after all.

Look at this thread, and you'll see what various flavors of M4 can take - either from an airsoft manufacturer, or customized by the owner.

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