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Originally Posted by Costane View Post
Well, lately it has been kinda insane with the heat around here, I think it would be terrible to be in full combat gear in weather like this without a water pack lol.
Even with the water pack - you've got to be in some fine damn shape to be able to tolerate this heat, all geared up. I'm not in great shape, for a variety of medical reasons, so it's more torture than fun when the heat index starts slipping up above 27 degrees or so. With the water pack - all you are doing is trying to keep up with what you are sweating off - I literally don't need to take a pee, for ~8 hrs, on a game day in this heat.

This year at least, Airsoft (for me) is turning into a spring and fall thing, skipping this scorcher of a summer for the comforts of an A/C inside.
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