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if you're playing indoors, it's not so much a requirement to carry 2L of liquids on you at any given time... if you're playing a longer milsim game outdoors, you don't know when you'll visit a safe area next to refill... so having 2L on your back is a good thing.

Not to mention, just cause it can carry 2L doesn't mean you need to fill it with 2L. I usually carry anywhere from 1-2L of normal water in the bladder, and a 500ml bottle of some flavored electrolyte beverage in a pouch on my vest. Nothing beats regular water. Gatorade et all have tons of sugar you don't need in 2L of fluid.

My record of fluids consumed in a 24h game was 6L of water and 2L of gatorade. that was a scorcher.

btw... there are 4 main electrolytes your body needs. normal gatorade only has 1 of them, poweraide has 2 and only in marginal amounts. As a true electrolye supplement, commercial sports drinks are very bad in doing what they're advertised to do.

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