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Thanks guys! I'm definately gunna fill out my profile and get AV'd.

As far as the target practicing, I live just outside downtown Toronto.

Also, for the M4, do you think TorontoAirsoft would have it? I'm also considering this for my pistol --> WE lightened Hi-Capa 5.1 K1-version
Do you think that would be decent?

For the gear, there is an military surplus store that sells all kinds of used vests, holsters, and gear in general. Would a pistol holster for a 1911 work for a 1911 modeled gun? As far as ammo pouches, would the magazines fit in a pouch made for a real gun?

Also, as far as buying things, how many extra magazines/clips do you think I should get to be comfortable in a match?

With the hydration, this may be a really dumb question but, would you recommend Gatorade, Vitamin water, energy drinks, or just plain water? <--- Lol such a dumb question

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