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Welcome to airsoft. I would HIGHLY recommend you to get AV'ed first so you can start looking in the classified for the look of gun you like.

1. Yes you could but you would be highly at disavantage vs full auto

2. Maybe somekind of hydration device ( camelback or something else)

3. Blowback AEG exist if im not mistaken but its something more that can break.

4. The best bang for the buck right now is the King Arm M4, but almost every gun is good for starting, jsut depend on what you like.

5. Depends on the field.

6. For milsim its a mandatory , for skrim a bit less

7. In most town yes, just check with your local authorities

8. You can come has a solo but you'll probly get squaded with other solo.

Feel free to ask questions and if someone want to add go ahead.

edit: slink got faster but we pretty much say the same
''I will support my team, with superior accurate suppressive fire, and make a lot of noise doing it!
SAW operator moto ''

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