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Complete newb to airsoft questions

Hey, I just recently turned 18 and I'm really looking into airsoft, I want to play milsim games and I'm considering my first gun. But I do have some general questions.

1. Can I bring only a sidearm to a milsim/CQB match and still play?

2. For milsim, I have a tactical pistol vest/ammo pouches, mask, full outfit, boots and gloves. Do I need anything else gear wise?

3. Do electric airsoft rifles have blowback on their slides?

4. What gun would you recommend for a primary rifle for a complete newb?

5. On the events section there are paintball fields listed, can you play airsoft there or only paintball?

6. As far as gear, do I need to buy coms?

7. Would it be illegal for me to target practice in my back yard with my handgun?

8. When it comes to Milsim, do teams just form when they get to the field or do you need a team before you go?
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