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Training opportunities in Toronto/Ontario

Hey all,

I recently decided to get into airsoft because of it's more realistic nature compared to paintball which I have been playing for some time (i.e your gun actually has a mag and you need to change it) therefore allowing for better training. Now I just need somewhere to train. I'm sick and tired of Pouring over books and field manuals and feeling like a loser room clearing my house by myself. I want a teacher and I want to learn new combat skills with other people.

SO: where can I get this kind of training in Ontario/mainly Toronto?

Went to check out the TTAC3 last week and it seemed pretty awesome, and I've heard CQB paintball offers classes but I've been a patron their for a while and never saw head or tail of one. Army reserves is out of the question till April, so don't be a smart ass. Any other suggestions?
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