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Alright! So i finally got the chance to practice my shooting. Turns out their not bad.

What I discover was my iron sight on my KWC G17 is off. Like really off. It's shooting way 2" down and 1" left. Sadly the iron sight are fix.

After much searching I finally got myself a rail system to attach one of my many red dot. After zeroing in with a sightbore I was hitting my target within 1" both 5-10 meter(mix distance I could get in my basement).

Right on about good grip and stance. Not too sure about shooting on the move. Just holding the pistol I can see my sight moving every direction. Guess I'll need to work on my walking slowly and contact on the ground at all time.

Another thing is I found out my pistol has a lot of issue. Anyone could help me out that would be super!
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