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I know it's a hot topic, and I respect the views presented here.

I help run Cuddy's Commandos, an all-age club in Winnipeg. We've been playing for 4 years now, and to my knowledge, are the only large all-age club around. We're also (again, to my knowledge) one of the larger clubs in Canada, with over 200 members, and turnouts in excess of 70 guys every two weeks.

Our members range in age from 12 to 20, for the most part, with another dozen or two who are anywhere from 20 to 50.

We play on private properties, far from anyone who might care about 'kids' with guns, and take safety and adherence to our rules very seriously. Every week, I get to do a speech about safety, and we come down hard on violations. Don't want to call a hit? No problem - sit for the remainder of the day and think about it. First offense, take the rest of the day off.......second offense, find somewhere else to play. (obviously within reason).

We like to think we offer a safe place for kids to play, as well as to learn a little about discipline and tactics. We stress to parents that they simply must NEVER allow their kids to play with airsoft guns inside the city - not even in their back yard. Anyone we hear about who does so faces suspensions from games, and we've expelled several members permanently for rule violations.

We're strict, but we have to be.....too strict for some......but that's fine......they can play in the park. All of us who run the club have kids in it, and we play right along with them. We try to get parents out playing with their kids, since airsoft is one of the few sports around where you can actually do that. The members themselves do a lot of the work and planning, and self-police a lot more strictly than any adult-only teams I've seen. They know what they'll lose if we let the club go to sh*t.

While I understand there are a lot of guys who don't think minors should play, it's really more that there are a lot of PEOPLE who shouldn't play.........assholes come in all ages......and we've seen our share......

I'd also put my guys up against any adult team around. We've played against many, and we win a whole lot more than we lose, much to the chagrin of the adults with the $1,000 guns.

It CAN work, and so far, it's working very well for us.

As many guys have said - kids WILL get guns, and they WILL play with them. We avoid a lot of problems, and have a LOT of fun by giving them a safe place to play.

And aside from buying guns, our local retailers (most of whom have approached US to become sponsors) are telling me that by a wide margin, under 18's are their biggest market.
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