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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
You'll be bored to tears, find out your gun is half as good or accurate as the ARs

I subscribe to accuracy by numbers. I can hold the trigger down for a quick 2 second burst and hopefully one of those BB's hits my intended target. It doesn't actually have to be accurate, just be able to reach out and hit the player on the other side since a hit is a hit and you're dead either way. Doesn't matter if it's from a crappy tire springer, a sniper rifle, an AEG, or a tuned to the tits sniper rifle but if you want to increase your chances for a hit and are just comparing stock guns without upgrades just spray a bunch of BB's down range and hope one hits. Basically it boils down to assuming everything else equal, are you more likely to hit your target with 1 BB (from a sniper rifle) or with 10 BB's (from an AEG spraying for a second).
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