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Originally Posted by slink182 View Post
I think that selling a used gun at par of a new gun is acceptable IFF there had been enough work put into the gun to be worth the cost.

E.g., a random rifle, new, for $300 -versus- another random rifle, used, with internal upgrades (hop-up unit, tightbore, upgraded gearbox, reinforced internals, etc.) and maybe external non-standard furniture, for $350-400. If for a bit more money you receive a lot more gun, then the pricing is acceptable, imo.

I'd consider putting up some of my airsoft peeves, but I've already voiced a number of them in other threads... often when I'm grumpy and think that the recipient deserves the head-slap.
I see where your coming from. But sadly that's not how it works. A used 200- civic is a used civic. One with engine upgrades. Body kit. Etc. seldom sells for anything more than stock price.
People do t see the value.

Each person is entitled so sell for what they want. But after so long. Either drop price or give up. Don't bump a thread for 2 months.
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