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As an oldster who developed an interest in airsoft back in its infancy (1980) while visiting HK, I would have KILLED to have the options and opportunities currently available to the kids. But after returning to Canada with my first set of BS guns (no idea what the "BS" stood for, that that's what they called them in HK back then), trying to find ANYONE to play against was impossible. The sport was practically unknown outside of the Pacific Rim. I recall playing a few games against 3-4 others from Toronto, but eventually put the guns away for lack of players and replacement parts.

For those kids arguing (whining) against the generally accepted 18+ limit to play, I will point out that I pretty much had to wait 15 years until the sport established roots here, and another 10 as it developed its sense of maturity.

Waiting 1-3 (or whatever) years to become AV'ed should NOT be a burden by comparison.

If you're 17- and want to act like an entitled little prig, I will be the first to smack you upside the head, and kick your skinny ass to the curb.
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Stalker stays where he is.
His BB's fly across the country to hit their target.
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