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Originally Posted by Armedpacifist View Post
I imagine a lot of the people posting right now, started off airsofting as minors, I know I did.
True but some of us who have been in airsoft before anyone here know what airsoft is are bound by rules and regulation much like the underagers now and we abide by them until we are old enough.

I still remember when I was not allowed to participate in a game in HK because I was 1yr younger than the minimum age requirement, I did'nt cry and bitched that I wasn't allowed to play. minors playing to me is acceptable as long as they UNDERSTAND the consequences of their action if they were to be caught doing anything illegal with their airsoft. Airsoft here in Canada is quite different from where I come from with all the bad press of real firearm issue we don't need a bad press with replica firearms and minors and this is teh sticking point in every older vet here have with minors mind you that we also do from time to time have issues with the 18+crowd too. I guess maturity and commonsense is the key in this discussion unfortunately it's far and few among the young players now adays.
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