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Originally Posted by Brennen View Post
wow thanks everyone for the tips. Ill check the classifieds and see what people have for sale. From what m102404 is saying I think Ill enjoy a Gas gun more. I like the fact there is more of a real feel to them when firing. The only thing i dont like is how the gas is effected by weather. But what can you do.

Edit: with regards to using Gas, how big of an effect is the weather on performance? are we talking a large/noticeable change?
I would say the worst thing about gas is the magazines, they hella expensive

PS: My GBBR was misfiring a lot at beginning but that chopped up to it being very picky on what BBs it would take, performs flawlessly with BBBastards and Madbull BBs. Failed with ICS and some BIO one i can't remember...

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