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Ok here is my 2 sense and I will prepare for a barrage of PM.s

All depends on the venue. I started putting on private games (Hill 437) out of the very bullshit that many read about here. And with the exception of “age” I can insert many of these very same faults at many games I have been to.
I recall going to a game once and seeing a few guys get baked in the parking lot dressed in spikes and long jackets and strolling back on the field. All well over 18. That was actually the turning point for me. I left the field right away, driving home getting ready to write the kijiji add to dump all my gear.

I am 40 years old and have far better things to do than spend 5 minutes of my day away from my wife and kids with that.

I actually recall feeling like a total dumb ass getting into airsoft, especially when ALL my friends were busy gearing up with THOUSDAND in paintball shit. I was definately the odd man out.

That said, I decided to get back on the horse, try it a bit longer and found that the best games are the ones that are best managed and are not driven by numbers but rather a goal of giving someone a great fair run for their money. Like minded, tight group, with the same goals.

So on the topic of the kids, what I do is from time to time let a younger kid in who has been verified in some way and usually with the parent. I can tell you there has NEVER been even a peep of a problem. The numbers are so low (1-2/30-40 guys) and the person is so in tune to what is expected from the time he gets out of the car there is zero issue.

This is not even close to an event where kids are allowed, but the odd time it is allowed. Just like allowing a newb. No difference. I let them on in a pack of 2-3 MAX. Again, those people come straight to me either through pm or on the field asking for help, or direction. If I am too tied up, I have a few guys who I trust to help em out. Soon enough, we have a guy (or girl) who comes back geared up head to toe.

I can name 10 newbs RIGHT NOW who have started at Hill 437 (in March) that are armed to the teeth and would be mistaken for a "VET" any day of the week.

I think where the issues arise, is when it is a wide open walk on game and billy texts 8 of his friends in gym class.

As for buying the gun. You cant and wont control it. End of discussion. Kids get there hands on crack cocaine, booze, and anything they put there mind to. The fact they are showing up with their parent is a bit of a good sign vs the alternative. You cant and dont know the intent of the parent. Perhaps its to get his ass of the couche and stop playing video games all day? Take an interest in something? Get him interested in something better than hanging out at the mall? You dont know, but I can tell you I have friends with sons crossing the age and they are just getting into airsoft now, to have something to do with their sons once the 15-18 year old shitty period starts and dads are "boring".

So here is an old video of one of the games.... spot the kid? Does this seem like people are not having an awesome time?

AprilAirsoft.avi - YouTube

(Oh, and full circle the guys who I mentioned with the thousands in paintball gear have the shit listed on Kijiji now and many will be playing this Sat. Head first into Airsoft they are 5 months in)

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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