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everyone talks about the future of airsoft.. as if it has no past

People have been playing airsoft here for 20 years.. and there has always been the same issues .. and concerns.

the bottom line is most players don't want to play with kids..

I don't care if kids play.. with proper supervision at approved fields they can have all the fun they like .. and when they are a bit more seasoned they can move on to the over 18 games.

There are a host of good reasons why minors should not be playing with Adults on the same level, not the least of which is legal liability, exposure to adult social situations that they should not be ( smoking, drinking, rampant profanity ( yeah yeah kids do all that anyway.. but I don't need to contribute to their delinquency )

I've permitted some 16 year olds to participate in some of my games.. after I met their parents and had a open and frank conversation with them regarding what they are going to be exposed to.

Those few guys who got in early.. turned out to be solid mature players.. and they have since all turned 18, and carried on playing..

So I am not against Minors playing airsoft. It's great fun and can teach solid teamwork and problem solving skills that translate well to RL.

It's just my preference not to cater to this demographic, There certainly is money in it .. a kids never have any issue spending their parents money, it's just not what I'm interested in doing.
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