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Originally Posted by takagari View Post
Your selling a used rifle. So someone asking half the price in today's market is fair.
It bugs me when some one sells a used rifle at the current cost because they paid more. Used gear is usually half the price.
Guns have now fallen into that same market.
You misunderstood... The guy was offering a 4th of the price and i had to pay for shipping....

600$ new for 300$ (used in ''one game'') + shipping and being offered 150$ with shipping.
That's the 2nd or third time this is happening...

The new generation want everything and don't want to pay for it. They don't even know how to write a proper pm. No salutations (I'm not a hey or a dude...), No signing their real names etc.

I write my real name in every pm i write and almost never have a Reply with ''Hi ''my name,''

You even have to ask them their names and addresses after they paid...

Wasn't like that 2 years ago...

And please go see my trader rating before telling peoples that items i sell are over priced. I think i know how it work...
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