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I would have changed the spring right out of the box. However, that would have voided the warranty, and Iím kind of happy that I didnít open the gear box up simply because of what happened. Sure, I had to pay either way (Warranty or not), however at least I had somebody to go to that I know would fix the problem. Besides, itís best to have broken under warranty then to have broken just after it. Regardless, Iíll slowly be upgrading the internals piece by piece as things break.

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Dude I'm a southpaw myself. And I wouldn't call like a foot infront of you well within arms breath 'reaching'.

And IDK about you but I do real reloading drills so a functional charging handle and placement means allot to me. But then again I'm weird ^^ Best of luck in the future.
Well, I do see your point there...

And I do tend to drill reloading on a regular basis as well. Like I said (And I am paraphrasing here) a functional charging handle and bolt catch is pretty awesome, I'm not going to lie about that. I guess that with the A&K Masada it will be a bit of a learning curve if I ever have the real steel version in hand. However that is highly doubtful, and there isn't much of an adjustment to be made in handling the real steel Masada versus the A&K Masada... As far as the charging handles placement goes at least.
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