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Oh no no, I did have to pay for it completely (Shipping both ways in addition to the gun docs charges to change the spring). Sorry that I left that part out... It was just surprising to me that I had to dish out another $90.00 considering a friend of mines experience with them was similar, however they paid for everything in his case.

And a seized piston huh? Well, I never would have thought of that... It makes perfect sense though. I had a huge feeling that the 8.4v would mess things up a bit, especially with the M140 spring installed (Noob mistake to run the underpowered battery that came with the gun with a pre-upgraded spring). I should have ran the 9.6v right off the bat. However I do suppose that now with a downgraded stock spring and the 9.6v 1600mAh battery, things should run a lot smoother then before.

And my apologies to Toronto Airsoft for my previous post. I'm just upset that my first AEG stopped functioning only 5 days and 600 bb's after receiving it. It's very upsetting, especially considering it set me back $430.00 (Reasonable price, but that's a lot of nickels and dimes saved since 2008) However, I suppose my case was a best case scenario, considering the experiences of other people here on ASC.

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