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Originally Posted by Knocturnal View Post
Yeah I ordered some .28g bbs. I didn't think .3g bbs were right for a 400fps @ .20g bb. I guess I will get myself a good tight bore, because the accuracy of my AEG is relatively good for one that is completely stock. I haven't found any mock silencers that are longer than the one I have so I guess I'll stick with it so I can have the longest tight bore possible. The tight bore seems to be the most important part for long range accuracy so I will start with upgrading that.
Want a laugh? Take your 400fps @ 0.20g and use 0.36g BBs, come out at around 300fps. This combo became the majic combo for me the last few years I played airsoft with my CA M24 (397fps w/0.20g). Sure you gotta adjust for elevation like real steel, but the consistancy and range is awesome! Airsoft sniping is all about watching your round make it's way through shit, adjusting to compensate for shit, and squeaking the round through gaps in cover to really screw with people. Long range shots are bullshit to go for, hard to be consistant with a 6mm BB flying through a variable fluid, and honestly, anyone can sit 300ft+ away and fling BBs. Getting in close and pushing a round through a 2" gap in a wall of a base from 150ft away, now that is the ultimate in airsoft sniping, the stuff legends are made of!!

BTW, what are your thoughts on using 0.30g or 0.36g BBs in your GBB?

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