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Umarex UMP problem

I recently got my Umarex UMP in the mail. As usual, the first thing I did was rip open the box.

I charged up the gun, and it worked fine, until after I shot of 1-how do I put this- full wind of it. Then the bad things started. The gun stopped feeding/shooting BBs.

I opened up the gun to see if there was any BB's stuck in barrel. There was none. There seemed to be nothing wrong with the gun, so put it back together and tried shooting the magazine again. Still nothing.

Repeating the process of putting magazine in and out, I noticed that the magazine was feeding properly as there was BBs in the hole where they feed - I have no idea what that's called.

It looked like a plastic piece was preventing the BBs from entering the barrel, so again I opened up the gun. I couldn't find the piece anywhere and again I put it back together.

This second time, I pulled the trigger to test it again and the gun shot of 1 BB, but then it stopped working. The gearbox made no noise, and nothing was happening. I switched it to full auto to try shooting it, but that didn't work either.

The battery didn't have any changed in temperature, but it was charged because it worked in my other gun. The gearbox didn't look like it was jammed either.

Long story short, the gun doesn't feed properly, and the gearbox isn't working.

Hm... I don't know why the word formatting is so bad... I put everything in paragraphs.
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