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Just thought I would update on the situation.

I sent the Masada back to Toronto Airsoft, and they said that they fired it and it works perfectly fine. They said that the 8.4v battery simply was not powerful enough to push the upgraded spring (Although it had been for the first 5 days I had it, so what the hell?) So now they are going to downgrade the spring and ship the Masada back to me (Ofcourse, charging me for shipping both ways in addition to the gun docs charges, even though it's covered by waranty).

Something tells me that something is wrong with the gun, because I tested it with a friends 9.6 1600mAh and 11.1 Lipo battery before I shipped it back, and there was no trigger response. So either I'm being bullshitted, or something happened to make it work again while the Masada was in their hands. I guess I'll see what the deal is when I get it back. Either way, if it's broken out of the box when I get it back, ohh man...

Regardless, I can safely say that I'll never buy anything short of BB's from Toronto Airsoft again.

Now, onto a new question.

I was looking through eHobbyAsia and saw that the Magpul PTS P-Mag 120s are only $19.80 per mag if I buy 8 or more (and I plan to buy 10). That is quite a good deal compared to the $27-$38 per mag in Canada. Now, my question is, can I import the mags without a problem from customs? I know that they should be fine to come accross our boarders as they are only airsoft. Plus they do not have the window with the fake bullets visible, however I wish to know if anybody has had any personal experiances with this kind of thing.

Any answers/help will be much appreciated.


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