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Originally Posted by Scotcho1.0 View Post
i would like to just get ballistic goggles, but FR requires paintball goggles. i talked to a gentlemen there that said "i dont care about masks, you just have to be wearing paintball goggles, not ballistic goggles or glasses" i have a hight quality mask i can strip the goggles out of i think.

on a side not went out today and got me some bdu pants and shirt and a big 'ol duffel bag to transport weapons of mass i need something to put in it! excuse me whilst i pm and email every verifier in my area lol
If you can't strip out the goggles, pick up a pair of JT proflex goggle frames (only the frames if possible, but you might have to buy that mask). Similar profile to ballistic goggles (within reason) and the guys at FR shouldnt have any problems with them.
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