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Originally Posted by HonestJohn
Sean maintains some data for his purposes, but it isn't online or even complete, because we never intended to record any data anyway. There's no correlation between a dboard and what you're talking about.
Data is data, collected intentionally or not through an application or purpose. Doesn't matter who stores it for what purpose, its still stored and used for the good of the userbase to whatever purpose its used.

The example was used to illustrate how users come together and agree to disclose certain information to obtain benefits from sharing that information. Nothing you've said really negates my point.
Originally Posted by Meat
I think the field rules can be treated in a similar way. There are only so many hosts, and so many fields.. so lets just hammer out a basic (and I mean REALLY basic) set of rules we can all run by. We're pretty much there anyways (400-450 fps limit, goggle restrictions, etc). You can slap an acronym into a game post or field post to signify compliance.

But we have to remember that these are the restrictions WE.. being ontario/quebec play with. Other places have similar restrictions, but vary slightly.
I would be all for doing something like that. Other provinces have successfully done this. Ontario and Quebec remain exceptions I think in part because of the rather fragmented opinions on the issue - its a hot potato nobody wants to tackle. It should be tackled though.
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