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Good thinking, we'll check out the fuse...


Inspected the fuse - it's fine. Fuse is intact, nothing out of the ordinary around the wiring either. Perhaps the battery had just enough residual charge to let out a half-cycle when we connected it up this morning. It makes sense the battery instantly overheated - it would've been straining trying to push those internals.

Although I could be wrong. Anyone know of anyone who is running a CA90 TR PROline with a battery that is less than 9.6v?

The only other explanations for this problem I can think of would be either 1, the motor is dead, or 2, someone filled the gearbox with glue. Also, I should have clarified (and have edited the original post) - the gun did NOT fire completely the first time, it simply made a noise. No air was discharged from the barrel. I apologise for the confusion (I was very tired this morning, lol).

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