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CA90 TR firing problem

UPDATE: Problem solved! Originally, the CA90 TR wouldn't fire when it was hooked up to a 8.4v battery. The problem was that the 8.4v wasn't strong enough to power the internals - however, once a 9.6v mini-type battery was installed, the CA90 TR fired with no issues at all! It simply needed a higher voltage battery.


Hello all!

I've been lurking here for a while and I must say these forums are simply a wealth of information - thank you very much to everyone for your analysis and opinions! They have proven invaluable

Anyways, onto the problem... it's too bad my first post has to be about a possible lemon I recently received (TL;DR: I plugged in a stick-type battery into the p90 to test the gun, it fired once (almost), then refused to do anything thereafter (of course this happened on Friday the 13th).

Of course I'll post this up here in the noob tank - I really hope I'm just being an idiot and I don't have to deal with any bureaucracy sending my gun back.

I got my Classic Army P90 TR in the mail today. It doesn't come with a battery, and the mini-type battery I ordered is on it's way. Once the P90 was out of the box, my friend and I decided to test it to see if it works (I ordered from Revolution Airsoft, and their return policy is 7 days from your order - so I essentially have 3 days to return this if it's broken).

We plugged in his 8.4v NiMh AK stick-type battery into the P90 and pulled the trigger. It made a pathetic 'weh' sound. Then the P90 went totally silent and the battery began to rapidly overheat. We removed the battery promptly. His battery never overheats instantly like that. We put it back in his AK and it worked fine. The battery cooled down and his gun operated flawlessly.

My brand new P90, however, remained silent. We tried the battery again a couple times, with the same result. The P90 simply didn't fire. It did nothing at all, on semi-auto and auto. The battery just overheated instantly, and the P90 did not move at all. No noise from the gearbox at all, no electrical sounds. It was as if there was no battery at all.

The only time it made any noise was that ONE time when we first plugged the battery in.

I have read almost every single P90 thread on this forum, and all of them said the P90 is compatible with every battery type (the issue is fitting the batteries in the stock).

So have I missed something? Were we just being idiots? Have we shorted out the motor? Or should I just wait and plug in the mini-type when it arrives and hope the thing works?

My issue is I only have 3 days to determine if the gun is truly broken - after that, the return policy expires :c

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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