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I recently attended a milsim game where minors were allowed to play. Myself and the guys with whom I usually shoot with ended up being tossed into leadership positions, with our sections being given the largest numbers of under 18 year olds to play. I did not relish the position immediately.

Once we were in-game and actively engaged, I found the kids to be excellent shooters. They listened to what I said, would respond as quickly as I wanted them to, and I hope that they had as good a game as I did. I had an excellent game. I think that with more time, some of these guys will be the future vets of the sport, if they keep with it, and continue to engage in the sport in the way that they did. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the position later.

However, this situation I feel is unique. The "youngins" were forced under my and my team's command, and were from that point on, continuously corralled and very positively controlled. I think that this is the only situation where I would ever want to play with minors. I have been to games at FR, a local paintball field for those of you outside the GTA, where I was in contact with younger paintball players. I did not want to be there with them. I have also been at FR where people who are barely 18 playing, and I wished I had not ever met them.

I would rather not have to deal with minors at games, and this goes beyond being age-ist. I enjoy spending time with peers and people whom I look up to rather than to cater to people biologically and mentally younger than I am. Which isn't to say that there aren't some who are worth it, and this community is filled with those guys. But they've worked their way in on their own merit, and have been accepted by the community because they are worth it, and have won their position, promptly followed by growing old enough to become more entrenched in the community.

In some situations, where kids will be assigned to a team, and watched closely, I expect that these kids will come out of it better, and the people leading them will have nothing but good words to say about them. However, outside of those situations, I would prefer to avoid the potential for irritation or worse and simply play with people whom have been vetted by at least an age standard.
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