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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
What I can't understand is why would you ask such a question before you had already exhausted your own resources?

I can see asking for help when you can't find something .. but asking for help when you have not done anything yet.. it;s like saying..

I'm too lazy to bother.. can someone just tell me?

That is what many many posts seem to be ..

God helps those who help themselves... has nothing to do with answering prayers.. it has to do with self sufficiency, independence, and drive.

Good things are found by those who seek them... those that don't get the leavings and rejects of those who have moved on seeking more
Oh now we are going to get into the topic of god now? Anywho, thanks for the list. I came on the site to learn and get some help. I searched on google for 20 minutes late at night. Didn't have time to spend more then that seeing as I have work in the morning. Don't want to help? Don't post. Simple as that. I don't need rude comments saying Im lazy and shit.
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