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Originally Posted by W33zy View Post
And who are you guys to decide who can and can't play? That's why actual sanctioned playing fields have INSURANCE!
Insurance is once thing but liability is another.

Unless a parent or legal guardian is a participant, in good standing in the community, and virtually attached at said minors hip, there are a lot of people here who will refuse to play.

Airsoft is not a babysitting service like paintball can often be used for. Parents dropping their underage kids off is not the way to do it. Regardless of insurance or signed waivers. Happens way too often though.

We had a huge game a couple years back where an underage player had his mom drop him off. She left him there and when it was made known that he wasn't even 16, he was booted from playing even though one or two people tried to vouch for him saying that they played with him before. Guess what he did for a couple hours? Sat and waited for his mom to come back.
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