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Originally Posted by W33zy View Post
I've started playing paintball when I was about 8 years old and moved onto airsoft. I always see you "vets" saying that minors should play paintball because the guns don't look as real, and that airsoft hurts more. A 3g. paintball hits at 8.71 J at 250FPS (usual limits are 280) while a .25 bb has the kinetic energy of 1.86 J at 400 FPS but you guys dont use that because it is shooting to hot!!. So I don't see how paintball is more suited for younger kids than airsoft is? What because in airsoft the guns look real? I think it is more the maturity of the person them-self, some people on this forum are more immature than some "kidtards". I've been playing shooting sports pretty much my whole life and I ALWAYS play with people older than me and they don't seem to give a shit, its another person to play with. And who are you guys to decide who can and can't play? That's why actual sanctioned playing fields have INSURANCE! And that's why they charge admission, why are you charging admission on a random field that you go and play at, that's just as bad as a minor getting a gun. How does twelve thirty year olds running around in a forest with toy guns look any better than kids running around with toy guns? Personally I feel that people would expect the younger kids to be doing this rather than the older people. And if you really want more people to start playing airsoft, how does telling them to research and save for 5 years help? That would turn me off, thank god I didn't come to you guys first.
try walking down the street with your Angel marker in full gear and get another buddy to walk down the street in full airsoft gear see who gets stopped first, Paintball/woodsball and airsoft are two complete different entity yes they are similar as in the format or how the game is played but the equipment are quite different. spoonfeeding newbs is the one thing most real vets here hates there is only so much "which gun is better?" question we can answer we prefer the come to the game approach, however sometimes we do have the immature few that ruined the experience for everyone else. the majority of the new players are mostly expaintballers crossing over unfortunately their game/mindset do get used as well hence we have a different factions of skirmishers and milsimers and even then the milsimers have another broken off faction between the new 8hr specials to the hard core milsimers that is ready for 24-48hr ops
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