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Minors with airsoft guns and Minors at airsoft games are 2 separate issues.

For me personally.. I don't want to play with kids.. and a lot of the people I play with and host games for come out to airsoft games to have a break from their own kids.. they want a kid free environment.

I get that 14- 17 year old boys are really keen on this activity.. at that age I was as well.. but we had to play with BB guns... because airsoft did not exist then...

here is the real problem... kids want airsoft guns.. kids want to play with them.. most "official" venues won't let them.. so they end up playing in places they should not be.

We as an airsoft community of Adults ... have to recognize that these guns are in the hands of minors... and if we want to protect the activity it is not about trying to keep them out of their hands .. its about providing safe and controlled places that they can use them.. and learn to handle and employ them properly.
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