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I think Snap does have some pretty good ideas. To the people who say they won't have all minors games because nobody wants to babysit them, I have seen responsible parents actually get into the sport and marshal the games. It's rare but if someone is willing to do it, I say we shouldn't stop them. I do understand that field owners may not want to have the added liability but I say, why not play on a paintball field? The owners have already factored in the liability of having minors on their field. Sure it sucks to deal with the paint sludge but hey.. at least it's somewhere to play. I have definitely noticed that most kids who participate in team oriented sports abide by rules and have the add ability to contribute to a community. Maybe having an Airsoft coach might be a good thing for them. Consider it preschool for military or something.

I can see the argument of "if a kid does something stupid, they will ban airsoft". It's legit argument because there is no alternative purpose of an airsoft gun. It's made to look like a real gun with the purpose of shooting each other. Baseball bats are sports equipment that one bad individual used for a malicious purpose. A kitchen knife is meant to prepare food that one bad person decided to use against people. Those won't get banned because it's clear that the bad individual was the exception to the purpose of the weapon/tool they used. And as unfair as it is for us airsofters, we are already scrutinized for our hobby. We have a lot of negative reputations stacked up even if it's only a few bad apples but that's just the way it is. We have to protect what little freedoms we still have with airsoft. So for all the under 18 year olds, please do understand the predicament we are in.

just my $0.02
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