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Originally Posted by sNAp_* View Post
I as a 16 year old boy find this thread somewhat offensive, but almost 100% truthful. i started airsoft because i thought it would be a fun hobby to take up when not engaging in school related things. And yes at first i got my parents to buy me things.

I then applied for a job at several places, and got accepted at a wendys. so now i have a source of cash that i can spend on gear admission etc.

But i was knowledgeable about gun saftey, as my father and grandfather both have their POL and my grandfather has his restricted firearms license, so quite often i go with them to the range, sharron in particular, and target shoot. So i also figured that i could do this as a hands on experience with Replica firearms, as i intend to join the military when i am of age.

I do see the reasons why the 18+ rules are in place, so if i see a game thread that is 18+ i move on. if it is not listed then i politely ask the host via pm if i would be able to attend considering i am under 18. they either say yes or no, and i respect their decison and thank them either way. it is an easy process that should be mandatory for minors to attend the game.

I like the way you guys are talking, but i dont think you should make everything 18+.

I have a couple of things you guys could consider.

1.You have age verification for 18+ right? so make like a day where minors could have hands on experience and learn safety etc. and could get a little thing under their name that said something along the lines of reputable minor. that way a host can see if they know about saftey and if they handle their selfs well. Kind of like a traning course, and run it like 1 time a month or bi-monthly. And give them a patch or something to wear on their vest or on something velcro so the host and other players can easily identify on game day who is ok and who "just showed up"

2. Or Have games that are mostly minors, with some older players to keep an eye and to engage in some fun skrims.

i prefer the first way, but that is another option.

That is my input on this thread, with a couple of solutions, thank you for reading

Your not the only one. Now yes there are f*&king tards out there that do anything with their Airsoft gun and, yes the majority of minors don't know how to handle a firearm of any kind. But, there are also minors out there that read up on firearm laws before they bought their gun. There are also minors that saved up for their $650 rifle and, bought all their fathers Airsoft gear so that he can come on the field and play with you. Now I did both of the above stated things. I also have both of our rifles in my room in there boxes and, I'm responsible with them. I wear eye-pro, I don't even go in the backyard to shoot I shoot in my unfinished basement and, the last time I did that was six months ago when I got my scar. I guess that all I'm trying to say is that yes there are kids out there that make the rest of us look bad but, then there are kids like the ones that posted here that would never do anything to hurt the sport.

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