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The 18+ is driven by (1) the Law on gun/imitation gun ownership in certain provinces, and generally accepted throughout ASC country-wide, (2) the field owners/hosts who wish to limit their liability, and (3) the lack of legal responsibility for personal actions of those 17-. This is a "rule of thumb" that the majority of older players abide by and generally enforce.

And for the most part no field owner/hosts are going to put on a "mostly minors" game day since they can't be bothered supervising (read: babysitting) the 17- players. And any 18+ players in-field will not either as it's not their responsibility to supervise said players. The ONLY exception would be if the 17- players' parents were also in-field to watch their brood WITH the field owner's/host's approval (there are a few games where this was the case, but they are few and far between).

As for those who argue to be allowed to play because they are "the next generation of airsoft", BOO EFFIN' HOO. There will ALWAYS be a "next generation", and those who are patient and understanding of WHY the sport is 18+ will be greeted with open arms. The sport is not about entitlement, it is about honour, and whining about unfairness isn't going to gain points with us.

As someone once said on ASC, you're only too young for a short while, and too old for the rest of your life.
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