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i understand our need to be protective of airsoft as a sport in Canada considering its always been scrutinized by everyone.
but growing up as a child i remember when toy gun shaped like real firearms were available for children either as cap guns or water guns...and with access to those kind of "replicas" i got to play with, i grew to love guns. But as i grew up, those real steel style toy guns were being taken off the market in fear of reasons many of you stated above...and now, we become so over protective of any firearm related topics that im surprised that nerf guns are allowed to make magazine loaded toys at all...

personally in my opinion, i don't believe that keeping things away from minors will protect them or anybody at all...for whatever reason, minors will always learn, have access to, make accidents like any person would / could for anything...just because the parents won't buy them airsoft guns, that isn't the only resource...friends, relatives, internet.....there are infinite number of resources.
I don't believe keeping airsoft guns away from a minor will do anything for them...i believe the key is to educate accordingly and monitor, not just for airsoft but for everything else in this world and this relates to both adults and children.

we can't live in fear for the next generation, its up to us as adults to guide them properly and trust their own judgement as our parents did with us.

and as a side note, im personally really sick and tired of Canadians being so paranoid about firearms and firearm related crimes...
i could go into walmart and buy a kitchen knife for $10 and go gung ho around town...
o wait...that does happen...very often in fact!!!
but i don't see a ban on kitchen knives...
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