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Originally Posted by Andre_1999 View Post
I greatly understand the fact that kids can't be held responsible of their own actions, parents should not be allowing their kids to buy airsoft guns if they know that this kid will get in huge trouble,
This statement would be incorrect. Someone Under 18, but over 12 would be charged Criminally if needed.

But, if you review cases in the USA, luckily not here in Canada. There are a great number of Police Shootings, involving minors carrying an Airsoft Gun in the Public.

Just because you are a minor, does not mean you cannot be held accountable for your actions.

What are the odds of your Parents, constantly being in your immediate area, everytime you decide to use your airsoft gun. How about NEVER.
So you will be left unsupervised and to your own devices. Eventually you will get bored. That is when the terminal stupidity kick in.

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